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Hi, I’m Cleon 👋🏻. I like trying to understand the world, building things to improve it, developing my ideas by writing about them and actually doing something useful with my time.

I’m a Product Manager focused on building the self-custodial wallet at Crypto.com. I previously co-founded socean.fi, where I was the Product Lead and also wrote part of our v0 code. Prior to that, I was a Founder-In-Residence at Entrepreneur First, worked as a Data Scientist at Holmusk, and co-started AI Space.

I’ve been designing from a very young age and still dabble in design projects today. You can find some of my works here on Behance.


I am constantly looking to embrace life; change it, improve it, and make my mark upon it. If you’ve got an idea on how we can do that together, let’s chat.

The crazier the idea, the better.