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I don’t know what makes a person who they are, but it definitely isn’t just what they’ve done in their careers. So, here’s how I’ve spent my time so far and a list of other subtly pretentious milestones:

  • Born in sunny island Singapore
  • Got good grades in school but no girls liked me
  • Learnt to use Adobe Page Maker, Illustrator and Photoshop before I knew how to use PowerPoint and Excel
  • Dreamt of becoming a Hollywood film director
  • Directed a short film and won a national short-film competition as the only non-film-school student
  • Bedroom guitarist
  • Jumped above 4.50m in pole vault while training 4 times a week for 10 years but never made it to the Olympics
  • Commander in the Army
  • Moved to London with 2 big luggages on my own to study Finance at LSE, even though it was my first time in the UK
  • Worked in the day, studied in the night, got interested and taught myself programming past midnights
  • Got good grades again, but this time despite juggling two jobs on the side (asset management and venture cap)
  • Bartended during summer breaks, was fun
  • Survived almost a whole month on Huel during crunch time
  • Was very lost in life and not gonna lie, felt like competency and ambition was a curse
  • Younger siblings recently called me a “motherly figure”
  • Inline skated 30km on my first try
  • Still exercises at least 3 times a week till this day